[SOLVED] Moralis V1 in React self parse server

Hi I just want to ask why the amount of BNB is 0 even tho I have put 20

  const { fetch, isFetching } = useWeb3Transfer({
    amount: Moralis.Units.Token(20, 18),
    receiver: "0x93dC7618b0ffd14f1ea148478D8Ab3e6A7bf9512",
    type: "erc20",
    contractAddress: "0x242a1ff6ee06f2131b7924cacb74c7f9e3a5edc9",

You are transferring ERC20 with this code, not native currency, so it doesn’t affect that value you’re looking at.

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Thanks Glad, That works out and the amount as well it should be in amount: Moralis.Units.ETH(0.1)