[SOLVED] Moralis React documentation

I’m a bit lost in the tutorials. I created my frontend with react. I would like to use some Moralis API to display balances. Within the tutorials section i can only find next js? Does this mean that react is no longer supported with v2?With v1 you did see documentation for react. Thanks in advance.

Moralis sdk v2 doesn’t work with react.

Moralis sdk v2 it is only for backend and that is why it works with next js and not with react.

Thanks for your reply! What do you advise to do? I have my dashboard design ready in react? How could I pick up data from moralis? Do i have to switch to next js?

Depending on what functionality you use, you could use next js, or self host parse server.

You can check this:

Thanks for your support :pray:

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