[SOLVED] Moralis Querying all class data not working

I am actually using the Moralis query function to fetch all the data from a class. From 492 Objects in the “BscTokensList” class only 100 objects are being returned from the query. Below is the codes and a dev tool console log… Is there another query function that I should be using? Thanks!

  useEffect(() => {
    if (!Moralis?.["Plugins"]?.["oneInch"]) return null;
    const getTokensByChain = async () => {
      const bscQuery = new Moralis.Query("BscTokensList");
      const tokens = await bscQuery.find({ useMasterKey: true });
      console.log("TOKENS List:", tokens)
  }, [Moralis, Moralis.Plugins, chain, customTokens]);

I think that you can use pagination or change the limit for the number of results

bscQuery.limit(10) for example

Thanks a lot @cryptokid , your solution worked!