[solved] Moralis ipfs error Modules are started already

hello i am using await Moralis.EvmApi.ipfs.uploadFolder() method and itโ€™s working fine with the first item upload but it will return an error when i upload a file in second time i got an error as

MoralisError [Moralis SDK Error]: [C0009] Modules are started already. This method should be called only one time.

hello, what is a minimal code that generates this error?
what version of the sdk you are using?

โ€œmoralisโ€: โ€œ^2.10.3โ€,

i also updated the latest version but got same error


it looks like you have Moralis.start in UploadToIpfs function, you should call it only once

ah ok let me try this solution

it works! thanks man

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