[SOLVED] I try to enable "Transactions" in "Dashboard" => error

Hi guys,
I am following Chris Bailey video on “https://moralis.io/how-to-build-cross-chain-dapps/” - great job, Bravo Chris!
Everything went magnificent until 1:19:25; According to tutorial, I identically filled my VS Code page to enable “Transactions” in my tutorial “Dashboard”;
When I am opening it in Firefox LifeServer, I receive repeated errors, though I tried myself with complementary java solutions but, I hit dead-end… Kindly, can anybody advice?

what were the errors that you got in the browser console?

Hi Cryptokid,
See attached pictures 1-console and 2-detailed highlighting the row 36,
Thank you!

It looks like there is a syntax error, that starts with that line let table = and then continues on next line, maybe it needs to be some kind of string the content of that table variable

Strange because in video-tutorial it goes good, directly and accomplish the function.
Yes, I just hoovered over the code and see what i got.
What you advice me to do? Thx!

maybe there was this character used there ` that you didn’t notice

also it seems strange that ; on that if (transactions.total > 0); { line

I noticed before, I decided to cancel - see picture, now I applied, line 35 and ends line 50 (as in tutorial video) and is a mess VS shows 6 faults. See the console error too…

` is not same thing as ', those are two different characters

It is working man! You were right, thanks! A lot!

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