[SOLVED] I can't clone any of the starter folders

I can’t seem to find the clone button inside the moralis GitHub page for starter projects. I need help on this pls.

You can read about cloning a repository here.

Thanks for responding qudusayo. But I am well familiar with most of what’s contained in this article.
For the moralis repo, the ‘CODE’ button with the clone dropdown option isn’t there. What do I do pls?

You can clone the whole repository instead and extract the folder needed. Maybe you can share the folder you’re trying to clone probably there might be a starter template for that.

Thank you qudusayo. I appreciate your concern and help.
I ended up building the app from scratch. So far everything works fine.
Thanks again

Pls web3uikit doesn’t seem to be working for me. I am not sure of what’s going on