[SOLVED] How will speedy node removal affect react native developers

Hi im currently developing in React and React Native and am using the moralis package version β€œ0.0.99” and react-moralis package version β€œ0.2.7” because other versions simply don’t work for React Native.

Im just wondering when I deconstruct the web3 variable from useMoralis like so:

const { web3 } = useMoralis();

will it still work or do I need to provide my own rpc node provider now that speedynodes are being discontinued?

web3 from useMoralis which returns the web3 instance where you can access your web3 provider (e.g. one injected by a wallet like MetaMask) should still work without speedy nodes.

ok thanks. how about the web3 instance in cloud functions?

you can still use web3 instance in cloud functions with a custom RPC url