(Solved) How to make pagination in Vuejs?

I have a project in development, and I have a doubt. Is it possible to do pagination? Thx

hi, i’m a vue developer so maybe can help you further.
On which data do you want to do pagination?
Is your question directed at getting paginated results from the Moralis Query/REST API or at working with Vue and the UI itself?
In any case, yes very possible :slight_smile:

For api requests, look at ‘skip’ and ‘limit’ https://docs.moralis.io/moralis-server/database/queries#skip, more explain here for example https://www.codementor.io/@arpitbhayani/fast-and-efficient-pagination-in-mongodb-9095flbqr

In Vue you build buttons in the UI that get a certain ‘page’ but querying your items with a certain skip and limit.

Good luck :muscle:

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I managed to do with your tip, I also found an explanatory video. Thanks a lot for the help.


Awesome job @victorsalatiel!

Thank you @matiyin :man_mechanic:

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