[SOLVED] - How to get signin message in cloud function


I have found plenty of doc on how to customize my signin message.
But nothing on how to access it inside a cloud function.

Anyone could help me with that ?

I am trying to get referral data for users when they log in (the referral data is passed on the signin message).

So i was thinking of doing an afterSave trigger on the _User class, catch the user, check if i already know him and if not, get the signin message and see if the user has a referral or not and then log the user in my class.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what you mean. Maybe you can rephrase the question?

so when a user logs in, i pass the following signin message :

await authenticate({signingMessage: `Loggin to starseed gift app via moralis. Ref=${refferral}` })

The goal is to collect eventual referral user of the user loggin in.

So i want to create a cloud function that triggers when a user logs in, check in my own class if that user already has a referal.
If so nothing happen.
But if the user doesnt have a referral yet, then i want to check the signin message to verify if their is one now and if so, log that into my class.

Hope that make sens :slight_smile:

I made that function that works fine :

  async (request) => {
    // code here
    logger.info("user try to loggin")
    const tokenId = request.object.get("ethAddress");
  // Validation Object or Validation Function

So back to the first question :

  • how do i get the signin message for that user ?

ok, it should be easy, there is authData column that has that signed message data

you may have to use afterSave if beforeSave doesn’t work

you can also use logger.info(JSON.stringify(request)) to see all the data`

That did it, I found it in request.object.authData.moralisEth.data :

    const authtData = request.object.get("authData");
    const signMessage = authtData.moralisEth.data

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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