[SOLVED] How to Build Serverless Dapps Part 1 - Cloud functions is not like video

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd0TTLjQLy4&list=PLFPZ8ai7J-iQ7AruWqKOLUHQqabeSm37I
@ time 33:04

I have been successfully following along with the video until it got to cloud functions.
The video and what I am seeing as of today 10/31/2021 are not similar in any way, so I cannot proceed.

On the latest Moralis, how do I set up the cloud functions like in the video since there is no plugins tab on the cloud functions dialog in the latest version.?


Click on the 3 points on the right side of your server.

There you can select cloud functions .

If you want to sync real-time events.

Click on view details , then click on sync and then Add new sync.

When I click “view details” and “Add new sync” it says “No Sync Services Installed” and the drop down button “Add New Sync” has no entries.

I restarted my server and now I see “Sync and Watch Contract Events” and “Sync And Watch Address”.
And the list is above the button so that is a css error on the latest google chrome.

Thanks for letting us know