[SOLVED] How can i see my nft

Hello i have created an nft on bsc testnet by using your tutorial.

My Transaction Hash is : 0xcd2e9be5c27042fa48655ab78365422d9f260063a14d3e8768ddaffe1e913ed0

When i try to add that to my wallet is ask me the id of it but i dont know where can i find it. I have tried to put 0 as we created on tutorial on database but then nothings come up. How can i see my nft with the image and description as i sell on marketplaces.

Because after i have succeed that i will follow up your tutorial about the market place.

The only transaction I see on your contract is the contract creation though? Are you sure you minted an nft?

I am not sure i thought following that tutorial also means minting. So as i understand that is the firs step and second step is minting right? Is there any moralis tutorial about that i can follow?

What tutorial are you following?

yes, first you deploy the smart contract, and based on what is written in the smart contract it can mint tokens in constructor or you call the mint function later

after you deploy a new smart contract you also have to force an index of that smart contract, you can do that by adding the contract to sync, or using getTokenIdMetadata for a token id from that smart contract, or trying to get the list of all the token ids from that smart contract

Okey thank you now i find this tutorial to mint my nft : https://moralis.io/how-to-mint-nfts-full-tutorial-to-minting-an-nft/

But what i dont understand is that when we create the contract we have already uploaded a image to database but when we are minting we are also uploading a image for that nft so which one is the neccesery one why we are uploading two images two descripton?

Thank you for your replies i have solved my problem by minting the nft.