[SOLVED] How can I automate adding contracts with "add-contract" moralis-admin-cli?

Hi Moralis Team,

I am searching for a way how I can fully automate adding “Sync and watch contract events” instances.
I am having a pipeline of contracts that is getting updated from time to time and for new entries I want to fully automate setting up “Sync and watch contract events” instances.

I understand how to do it via the GUI and I tried out the moralis-admin-cli as described here:

Using the moralis-admin-cli add-contract command I still have to type a lot of things manually in the terminal like selecting the server, selecting events and so on.

Thank you for guidance in advance!

Now you have a way to do that directly with moralis sdk. You can find example in documentation or in other similar forum threads

Thank you @cryptokid, guess I found it:

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