[SOLVED] Help with following error: BEP20: transfer amount exceeds balance)

Hi there and sorry to bother,

I have an issue with the following contract on


Iā€™m trying to get some WUSD converted to USDTs and keep getting the following error BEP20: transfer amount exceeds balance.

Know this is the wrong forum, but could anyone at least guide me on where I should seek help for this?

Thank you!

it sounds like it tries to transfer more than it has, you may also need to use approve before swap

Hi cryptokid,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

So, they should somehow top up their pool to have sufficient USDT for this transaction to go through?

or maybe you chose a much bigger amount

Yes, in fact this was the case.

I managed to contact the person handling this pool and he added more liquidity so the transaction went through.

Thanks for replying cryptokid

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I am having this same error. I Traded bnb(bep20) to usdt and it gives me the fail with error bep20 transfer amount exceeds balance. It took my bnb but still has not given me usdt or reverted the amount back. I have more bnb in my wallet for fees how do i push the transaction through?