[SOLVED] getNFTsForContract error 141

I’ve had the same code base running for a while with no problems today my server is giving an error on getNFTsForContract I’ve restarted my server but still, the same error, in the only message for the logger is error 141, it kind of stopped fetching the data

my serverUrl = “https://oxitcquxqc4e.usemoralis.com:2053/server”;

my appId = “2X53I59bS3geB8pyaBjvnl3Ie8GDM4ostdIFsWjh”;

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try without token_id parameter for getNFTsForContract

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Is the error 141 a general Moralis issue? Is it internal because I’m getting the similar error 141 after my code has been running fine for a few days.

What is your particular case?

Thank you again @cryptokid that did just had to remove it and then filtered to get the same results as before we’re back in business