[SOLVED] getNFTOwners and getContractNFTs return the same results


getNFTOwners is returning all NFTs from contract, not the total owners: https://docs.moralis.io/reference/getnftowners

address: 0x67f4732266c7300cca593c814d46bee72e40659f
chain: polygon

It returns "total": 263512 but that is total items. Total owners should be around 34,800.


getContractNFTs returns correctly with "total": 263510 - https://docs.moralis.io/reference/getcontractnfts

I think that getNFTOwners will return the nft with their associated owner, not an unique set of owners, same owner cam be returned multiple times, and in case of ERC1155 same token id can be returned multiple times

Any Moralis API to get unique owners?

I don’t think that we have an API endpoint now to return the unique owners