[SOLVED] getNft API not working

Hi, i’m trying to fetch all the nft from MY smart contract on kovan testnet. But i receive every time response lice this image . Is a smart contract problem? Because on my server i can see on ntftransfer that my account receive nft from my contract… what can i do?

What is the contract address?


We need more info to be able to investigate. Contract address, wallet address.

contract address 0x8be409f6f59f679997e864e8a3fa3a068e4e22c3 ON KOVAN

wallet 0x3fa1a356f4850e9407dfa80503f291929039dF12

It looks like the contract is not indexed yet. You can try again in 30 minutes.

Sorry, can you explain me? My contract need to be indexed from someone or i’m missing something?

I don’t know yet if that is the problem. For a new contract, you have to force a index first. That will be done automatically when you try to use endpoints specific to that contract address.

it looks like it is an ERC20 contract based on etherscan:

maybe is something wrong with the contract?

Could be cause i don’t register any interface on erc165 registerInterface ?

it could be, you can use openzeppelin library for that specific NFT standard and it should work without problems

I register all the interfaces but still erc20 is displayed…

Can you post your contract code?

I’ve done guys, really thank you was a problem of my smart contract!

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