[SOLVED] getContractNFTs return owner address

It would be great if getContractNFTs was able to return the owner’s address as well.

You can get the nft owned by a wallet on a particular contract using getWalletNFTs by passing token_addresses.

Is that what you are asking for?

Or you can also get nft owner details from a contract using getNFTOwners

No, I’m using getContractNFTs to get all items in a collection and I want to show the owner address with the other data that is returned in a grid for each item.

Right now I can’t do that and I can only show it for single nfts unless I get nfts from a wallet address but I’m looking at a full collection.

If you use getNFTOwners, it will give you the owner address for each NFT.

Thanks, when I tried getNFTOwners in the docs I get a few more results than getContractNfts and it returns page 1 first.

When you try getContractNfts in the docs it returns page 0 first.

You can see this using 0x67f4732266c7300cca593c814d46bee72e40659f on polygon

yes, some API endpoints start from page 0 while others start with page 1.

what was the difference that you saw?
it looks like it is a total of 274733 results returned for owners

I just wasn’t sure if it was skipping page: 0

Good to know that some start on 1 though