[SOLVED] Get nft metadata returns null

Hi I deployed nft contract, then mint 721 tokens in sepolia
this address have nft tokens that is minted from same contract.
but some nft have no token_uri, no metadata.
I tested to deploy contract and mint in mainnet also.(0x658358cf7d14e4fcc2ab5d30cb79527523423f1d)
so I tried https://deep-index.moralis.io/api-docs-2.2/#/NFT/reSyncMetadata
returns Error: response status is 404
โ€œmessageโ€: โ€œThe metadata could not be updated! Try again laterโ€

Opensea, metamask parse metadata correctly.
What can I do?

Hello, we are investigating now

it should be fixed in ~15 minutes

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Thank you it works!!!

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