[SOLVED] Get ERC20 token metadata by contract - BASE


There seems to be a glitch with get token metadata api when trying to retrieve metadata for a newly created token on BASE. It takes about 8 minutes for the api to retrieve actual data from the blockchain. I never faced such issues on other chains (BSC, ETH, Phantom, etc). Please see the images below.

After 8 minutes

Hello, what is the endpoint that you used to get that token metadata?

You always see that delay of ~8 minutes or it happened only once?

It happens all the time. Delay is about 10 minutes to be precise. I am using Self Hosted Server, the delay is there even if I use the link below.

Sorry I forgot to include the endpoint

options = {
  chain: chainId,
  addresses: [token_address],

const tokenMetadata = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenMetadata(options);

Hello, do you have a solution for this issue? It’s clear that the endpoint experiences a 10-minute lag when retrieving token metadata.

Hi @zrco

We have reported the issue to our API team. Will keep you posted as soon as we get an update from the devsπŸ™

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Hi @johnversus

The issue has been resolved. I can mint new base tokens and retrieve token metadata without any delays.

Thank you

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