[SOLVED] Filter smart contract events with variables options

Hello everyone,

I would like to filter events with a front-end given parameter. But in Moralis server panel, it look like I can only filter with static parameters.

The documention does not mention dynamic parameters here

Do this feature exist on Moralis or should I find an other way to filter those events ?

not sure what you want to do, after the events are synced in the database, you can query the database to do more filtering

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Ok, thank you, it seem I can just get new events, even if I check Sync Historical Data. Is there a way to force fetching onchain event data ?

you mean that you didnโ€™t get historical data and only real time data?

in that case, Iโ€™ll need the server url.

Yes thatโ€™s it, only new events are synced in the database, old ones stay on chain so I can just fetch events from yesterday till now

you can try to restart/update your server

Ok good, it works after an update

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