[SOLVED] External url (youtube, vimeo,...) in video streaming Netflix project

Hi community, I’m following the youtube tutorial to make a video streaming platform and I can’t manage to link external videos from other platforms.

I tried with any public youtube video, the ones that appear on the front page. The result is that it does not reproduce.

export const movies = [
    Movie: "https://youtu.be/nvmOoSFhhJ4",
    Thumbnail: tita,
    Scene: titanicS,
    Logo: movieLogo,
    Name: "Titanic",
      "Staring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. The two play characters who are of different social classes. They fall in love after meeting aboard the ship, but it was not good for a rich girl to fall in love with a poor boy in 1912.",
    Genre: "Romance, Drama",
    Actors: "Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio",
    Year: "1998",
    Duration: "3h 14min",

Has anyone else run into this too and found a solution? what am i doing wrong

Thanks in advance!

maybe it need a different player or player configuration to play an YouTube url

you could search on google how to integrate an YouTube url in react

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Thanks @cryptokid

I used this player, useful for any streaming platform and it worked for me

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