[SOLVED] ethAdress undefined

Hello everyone,

I was following the tutorial on Building Your First Dapp. All was good until we get to user.get(ethAddress).
For some reason it is undefined and I can’t find why. I am not an experienced dev so I will ask for your guidance.

I did manage to connect the user to the database. Login and logout function work well, but for some reason it’s not the case for (ethAddress)

Here is the login function

// log IN the user 
async function login() {
    let user = Moralis.User.current();
        user = await Moralis.authenticate({ singinMessage: "Log in using Moralis"})
        .then(function (user) {
            console.log("logged in user", user);
            document.getElementById("adress-Text").innerHTML = user.get(ethAdress);
        })// end of then() 
        .catch(function (error) {
    }//end of if()

}//end of login()

You are missing some quotations.
It should be:
note the 'ethAddress’

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maybe you have to use something like user.get("ethAddress")

Yup was that indeed. Thanks for answering fast. :+1: