[SOLVED] Error : Transfer erc1155 token ['tokenId is required']

This is an error that occurred while practicing along Ultimate NFT Programming Tutorial-FULL COURRSE.

error : Transfer erc1155 token [‘tokenId is required’]

blow is result of console.log(options);

{type: ‘erc1155’, receiver: ‘0xca769707a2a05a01AA4a6BB022fd32D831Fd380C’, contractAddress: ‘0x4e6165Be7B9895e2b123b0357614Decf8317B8d5’, tokenId: 0, amount: 1}amount: 1contractAddress: "0x4e6165Be7B9895e2b123b0357614Decf8317B8d5"receiver: "0xca769707a2a05a01AA4a6BB022fd32D831Fd380C"tokenId: 0type: “erc1155”[[Prototype]]: Object

blow is error message
Uncaught (in promise) [‘tokenId is required’]
transfer @ transfer.js:43

depending on what version of Moralis SDK you use, you should use here “0” instead of 0

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Thanks for your advice cryptokid. I solved the problem. Really thank you