[SOLVED] Error 400 when using runContractFunction()

Hi, I am trying to read data from a contract so I use the following

const saleStarted = await Moralis.Web3API.native.runContractFunction(options)

However, it returns me with error 400 according to some information I read on the forum error 400 is returned when options is wrong.
But for options I followed the moralis documentation this is my option object:

  const options = {
    chain: "rinkeby",
    address : params.contractId,
    function_name : "saleStarted",
    abi : ContractABI2

Lastly the error:

Error: {}
    at Function.<anonymous> (MoralisWeb3Api.js:341:1)
    at tryCatch (runtime.js:63:1)
    at Generator.invoke [as _invoke] (runtime.js:294:1)
    at Generator.throw (runtime.js:119:1)
    at asyncGeneratorStep (asyncToGenerator.js:5:1)
    at _throw (asyncToGenerator.js:31:1)

If you try with the example from documentation then it works for you?

You can also look in network tab in browser to see exactly what parameters were sent and what was the response

Hi, the request was:

abi: [{inputs: [{internalType: "string", name: "_eventName", type: "string"},…],…}, {anonymous: false,…},…]
address: "0x7d2400b35d0bA176387cA0A007e84F592562ab4"
chain: "rinkeby"
function_name: "saleStarted"
_ApplicationId: "removedbyMe"
_SessionToken: "r:21688c7548099bcc51dbe379abbd8dd3

and the response:


Well it feels like there was an error with this contract, I cannot find it on etherscan thus the error.
If I use a new contract the function works properly.

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