[SOLVED] ENS Resolve issue

Having an issue here:

when i hard code the ENS name, everything works, no issues.

However when I change it to be dynamic and show
https://deep-index.moralis.io/api/v2/resolve/${address}/reverse - it only shows up in the log, and i never get to โ€œboopโ€

Kind of strange cause it works static, and even the dynamic syntax shows up in the log

you say that '${wallet}` works fine in the line with beep?


Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m having a hard time understanding, I defined wallet outside just in case, but i had it pointing to the specific ${Address} before

what if you use logger.info(wallet) and only url: wallet instead of url: ${wallet}?

Similar results; it logs the wallet address but nothing else

you can use this syntax to see what is the error:

  return Moralis.Cloud.httpRequest({
    url: url,
    params: { chain: "bsc", chain_name: "mainnet" },
    headers: {
      accept: "application/json",
    function (httpResponse) {
      return httpResponse.data;
    function (httpResponse) {

hmm still unsure :confused:

it was a blend of issues, a silly syntax mistake and this:

when using this function and your wallet has ens - it works - if not you get 404 error