[SOLVED] Could not find abi item for transfer

I am getting the error ‘Could not find abi item for transfer(address,address,uint256)’
while I have saved my abi in .abi.ts as const abo=[usdt abi here] and exporting as export default abi

Here’s the function
const filter_ERC20 = {
gt: [‘value’, ‘100000’], // Example of USDT (6 Decimals)

const stream = {
chains: [EvmChain.BSC_TESTNET], // list of blockchains to monitor
description: Monitor ${username} on ${this.configService.nodeEnv} Network, // your description
tag: username, // give it a tag
webhookUrl: this.configService.CALL_BACK_URL, // webhook url to receive events,
includeContractLogs: true,
includeNativeTxs: true,
allAddresses: true,
abi: usdt_abi,
topic0: [‘transfer(address,address,uint256)’],
advancedOptions: [
topic0: ‘transfer(address,address,uint256)’,
filter: filter_ERC20,
const newStream = await this.moralis.Streams.add(stream);
const { id } = newStream.toJSON(); // { id: ‘YOUR_STREAM_ID’, …newStream }
// Now we attach bobs address to the stream
await this.moralis.Streams.addAddress({ address, id });

Thank you so so much for helping me out guys

does it work if you hardcode the abi?

I tried giving the hardcore abi but still same issue

you can add only the abi for that transfer function, you can hardcode it directly

sometimes it could be Transfer instead of transfer for topic0

Bro can you share me the like how i have to do it

try here with Transfer instead of transfer


Man you are a legend. It Worked