[solved] Collection missing NFTs

hello , im trying to get nfts owners by contract using this :

everytime it send me a cursor i ll use it again to fetch more nft_results.
but somehow it stops at 3799 ( idont get a cursor at this point ) while the total count of the collection is 3999 …
any idea what could be wrong ?
this is contract address im using ( eth main chain ) : 0x561636cd583876c594a403908cd056546d8dd9df

I’ll have to check, I’ll check later today

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can you try again to iterate over the pages?

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Heyy , i am getting Unauthorized response … maybe i did query the api too fast now …

Hello , i tried again today … but same issue i am able to get 3799 nft out of 3999 , cursor at some point is “empty”

Hello , problem is fixed , i had Deserialization error in my Rust code , now its fine ! , thank you for your support

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@cryptokid hello , that same error is back again … & it sounds its not my code …
tried to even use moralis api in python and other langs , there is a weird limit at 3799 …

at : 3799 , cursor is None , when total count is 3999
{‘total’: None, ‘page’: 38, ‘page_size’: 100, ‘cursor’: None, ‘result’ …

it is a known issue now on our side for when disable_total is set to true, that is the default value

try to set disable_total to false


thank you ! , that solved it … :star_struck: