[SOLVED] Cloudfare error: Bad gateway and Web server is down

When we enter our server - we receive "Web server is down’ error. Tried to restart app from admin panel - no changes, the same error.

In time of restarting - cloudfare showes me “Bad gateway” error. We’ve already tried to restart server from admin area, but still receive the same error.

Website URL: https://xvh0pzdexmsf.usemoralis.com:2053/server

Please, help asap - our production application is failing due to this!

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@cryptokid I saw your like on my post - I think you are helping :slight_smile:

So, now I don’t have cloudfare error on server login url - it just shows “Please login from your server”.
But it shows like “loading” in admin area and I’m receiving different error in app.

How much this server loading can take?

it should be fixed soon, you will have to authenticate from the admin interface for that database dashboard

Thanks a lot. It’s working now.

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