[SOLVED] Cloud Function syncing is not working on Rinkeby

Hi i configured my smart contract sync to listen to a NFT contract’s event. But I don’t see that in the database. Below is my EventSyncStatus config

I don’t get the data on the database

Can you paste the event sync settings here directly please (ABI, address, chain, etc.).

ABI: {"anonymous":false,"inputs":[{"indexed":true,"name":"from","type":"address"},{"indexed":true,"name":"to","type":"address"},{"indexed":true,"name":"tokenId","type":"uint256"}],"name":"Transfer","type":"event"}

Address: 0x323837612dECD11216d26fdb7C1126F6C555Ec7f

ChainId= 0x4

tableName: rinkeby

topic: Transfer(address,address,uint256)

sync hystorical: yes

Are you using the admin UI to create the event sync?

I can get those events synced with my server if I use the Custom Event option.

Entire ABI copied from here and select topic of Transfer, all other settings (chain, address) the same.

Yes i am using Admin UI, It’s working now. Thank you