[SOLVED] Clarity Regarding Indexing Limitations

Hello Team,
I am exploring Moralis for indexing events purposes.
Say I created a Sync action for a specific event to index all those event records.
I specified the limit as initially 100,000. Can I increase it in the same server Sync to 200,000 when the need arises and can I keep on increasing as per the need?
Can I be assured that whatever N number of entire historical events I need for my use case, I will be able to get them?

Are there any limitations to the number of records for a specific event that can be Synced?

You will be able to use streams api soon: moralis.io/streams

Current limitations are mostly about how much the server can handle

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Hello @cryptokid

One other thing I noticed in Moralis Sync is I can only populate event data but not say, event emitted tx hash, block. number, timestamp.

Am I missing something? I believe in the graph the above fields can be populated too

That info should be available with every event that is synced. Or with any received webhook request with streams API

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