[SOLVED] Can't get the attribute "updatedAt" from cloud function

I am trying to read the date/time to know what was the last time this row in the table was updated. There is already one field created by default in the table of my custom class. I can access and see all other custom attributes. But cant gets any result for “updatedAt”.
Following code:

    const TestUser = Moralis.Object.extend("TestUser");
   	const query = new Moralis.Query(TestUser);
 	const logger=Moralis.Cloud.getLogger();
    const results = await query.find();
  	logger.info(results[0].attributes.Score); // this line works perfect and fine
    logger.info(results[0].attributes.updatedAT); // this never works, cant get it

try logger.info(JSON.stringify(results[0]))
that attributes.updatedAT has at least a typo vs updatedAt

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Thanks for replying. Now it works fine in this way.

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