[SOLVED] Cant get Price anymore

yes, that it is the behaviour until bsc archive nodes get synced

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Binance smart chain nodes are not updated in real time in terms of price and some other token contract information. The transaction address, including the block number, can be used to query current activity to precisely track the price of any token. Considering that about 20 blocks are generated every minute, it would be quite difficult to use filtering algorithms. thus, graphics-based technologies such as bitquery are found to be efficient for such tasks. In my trials with asynchronous javascript, I managed to get information with a delay of 8-15 seconds, which also uses filtering algorithms to extract needed information.

Same problem here as well. Getting
Error: No pools found with enough liquidity, to calculate the price
i need help please

const options = {
  address: "0x3a0d9d7764FAE860A659eb96A500F1323b411e68",
  chain: "bsc",
  exchange: "PancakeSwapv2",
const price = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenPrice(options);

this works fine for me:

Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenPrice({address: "0x3a0d9d7764FAE860A659eb96A500F1323b411e68", chain: "bsc"})
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thank you soo much it works now the problem was in

exchange: "PancakeSwapv2",
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