[SOLVED] Can't add plugin to server

hi :slight_smile: I am trying to create the plugin described here https://docs.moralis.io/guides/deploy-and-track-erc20-events#syncing-and-watching-contract-events-from-moralis I fill all fields according to the instructions, but when I click “Save plugins” nothing happens, no error or success message, and no errors in the console. I refresh the page and the plugin is not there :thinking: I’ve tried several times and nothing

BTW in the tutorial, it says “address: 0x4F27558d3F86670a9E2EfF294b7d10600266533F (our MOR Contract Address)” but I need to enter MY contract address, the contract address from Remix, right? This part is a bit confusing. Anyway, I have tried with both my contract address and the one in the tutorial, still not working

I also tried updating the server to 0.0.193, still same behavior

Any ideas? Thanks

Ah, solved! Turns out FRP was not working. It would be good to add some sort of error message in this case so the user knows what is going on, and also make the part about the contract address a bit more clear (maybe add also a screenshot of where to locate this address in Remix)

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there’s a typo here https://docs.moralis.io/guides/deploy-and-track-erc20-events

“For the next Step we need to make your our account is connected to Remix”