[SOLVED] Cannot upload to IPFS through Parse Server

Trying to execute this code:
My user seems to be logged in and the files are valid as well. However, my .ipfs() and .hash() functions seem to return undefined. I can see the files being uploaded to mongodb as well. Its just that the URI is not being output.

hello, you are using a managed moralis server or a self hosted parse server?

it should be a specific function for saving to ipfs if you are using the managed moralis servers

Well, first I was using managed moralis server but now I have shifted to self hosted parse server. So this same function that used to work is no longer working.

yes, with a self hosted server that function doesn’t work, you can use web3api with uploadFolder function to upload a file or a folder to IPFS (it will always upload a folder, even with one file)

Oh. Alright so would I be receiving a URI for that image after that function is called?
And what about all the metadata that is also being saved as the next step. image

Would this be dealt in the same format as uploading that image file?

I tried making an implementation of this sort (following the v1 documentation):

But I am receiving this error:

How is address even a parameter? I have never defined it anywhere?

This is the payload of the message. Address is going as a string.

it could be sent automatically if the user is authenticated, it could be easier to create a cloud function that receives the parameters, that cloud function calls web3api with uploadFolder and returns the results

Thanks. I believe I did not have updated version of my backend. Updating it fixed this issue.