[SOLVED] Cannot read property 'Token' of undefined

I trid running the snippet below just as i found it your doc for sending erc20 token but I keep getting error

const options = {

    type: "erc20",

    amount: Moralis.Units.Token("0.9", "18"),

    receiver: "0xbe0a4f7959694b16a158138....e3e8b090c757",

    contract_address: "0x33a3d96......c8093d1273344719f03ca17c"


let result = await Moralis.transfer(options)

Moralis.Units.Token("0.9", "18") works fine for me.
What version of Moralis SDK you use?

what’s the latest / compatible version?

Moralis SDK version 0.0.42 works for me

upgraded the SDK and it’s working now

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