[SOLVED] Cannot generate a valid web3 sign payload [opensea plugin]

i’m gettong this error when trying to create buy otder
[ despite i have some rinkeby coins ]

MoralisWeb3.js:687 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Something went wrong
“code”: 500004,
“message”: “Cannot generate a valid web3 sign payload”,
“details”: {
“method”: “signBuyOrder”,
“network”: “rinkeby”,
“tokenAddress”: “0x16baF0dE678E52367adC69fD067E5eDd1D33e3bF”,
“tokenId”: “4459”,
“tokenType”: “ERC721”,
“startAmount”: 0.002,
“userAddress”: “0x***********************************************”,
“error”: “Insufficient balance. You may need to wrap Ether.”


can someone help me please i m new with Moralis

Hey @pure.roboot

The error message states “error”: “Insufficient balance. You may need to wrap Ether.”
You can only place buy orders using ERC20 tokens, make sure to have enough wrapped eth.

ah thank you !

but how to know the type of the tocken

ETH is the native currency, WETH is the wrapped ETH that is an ERC20 token

What exactly are you trying to do there?
What command did you run?

making like this : https://moralis-opensea-plugins.on.fleek.co/

in my wallet i have EHTs in my test rinkeby network

on what command (line of code) you get that error?

on a web application ,showing respons on the log
same when trynig on this demo app : https://moralis-opensea-plugins.on.fleek.co/

what exactly are you trying on the demo app?

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you are right i have imported WETH token ,there is any faucet to get some free coins ?


it work fine, thank you !