[SOLVED] Can’t get to server Dashboard

Hey guys, when I tried to get to the server dashboard https://ywfpztigggjj.usemoralis.com:2083/login, I am getting Error 521. I have tried to update and restart but same issue.

My other 2 servers I spun up are working fine, just this one in particular. Can someone help?

Thank you.

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it should be back to normal in 10 minutes

you have tried going here (https://admin.moralis.io/servers)
and selecting the server and clicking on dashboard ? and it doesn’t work ?

it didn’t work in that particular case, there was a problem with the dashboard in particular on that server

It’s working now. In the future if something like this happens again, is the only way to resolve it to reach out to support?

Yes, for now you will have to contact us if it happens again