[SOLVED]Calling a solidity function has the the expected behaviour

Hi guys, I’m learning Moralis and I’m facing my first problem.

Here my solidity function :

function addVoter(address _addr) external onlyOwner {
        require(workflowStatus == WorkflowStatus.RegisteringVoters, 'Voters registration is not open yet');
        require(voters[_addr].isRegistered != true, 'Already registered');
        voters[_addr].isRegistered = true;
        emit VoterRegistered(_addr);

As you can see an address can be add only once.

Now when I call the function addVoter in JS :

const {account} = useMoralis();

const addingVoter = async function (){
        let options = {
            abi: [
                    "inputs": [
                            "internalType": "address",
                            "name": "_addr",
                            "type": "address"
                    "name": "addVoter",
                    "outputs": [],
                    "stateMutability": "nonpayable",
                    "type": "function"
            contractAddress: 'the contract address',
            functionName: "addVoter",
            params: {
                _addr: account,

        await contractProcessor.fetch({
            params: options

 return (
                onClick={() => AddingVoter()}
                Fetch data

When I click the button, Metamask pop up and I can sign the transaction, but I can do it again and again with the same address which I normally can’t do it. I don’t figure out my mistake can you help me ?

Do you have any view function to check if the voters[_addr].isRegistered is actually true or false?

Maybe test it in the remix to check if it works as expected.

Yes, I’ve got a struct Voter :

struct Voter {
        bool isRegistered;
        bool hasVoted;
        uint votedProposalId;

All my tests passed with Truffle and even on Remix if I add twice the same address, the require is displayed

Did the metamask transaction go through successfully? The could be the possible reason if the code is correct.

I found my mistake… I was on ganache !
I did truffle migrate --reset --network ropsten and now it’s works :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time @johnversus

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