[SOLVED] Building Relation, adding related object in the [email protected]

When to try to add relation to a row manually at the Browser section modal box that to enter the relational objects’ ids gives an error:

Cannot read properties of null (reading 'forEach')

I could achieve that smoothly when my server was [email protected], before update.

I have checked the tables multiple times, everything I try to do seems alright.

Where to put attention to determine the possible error
or could that be a bug of the new dashboard?

I know that there were same problems with relations in the new dashboard interface.

Sometimes you need to hard refresh the page as it is not redirecting properly.

What is the server url? maybe you don’t have latest version of the dashboard now

It says 0.0.359. I have updated around a week ago.


And when I click on update button prompts as

“Are you sure you want to update the server:” My Project on TestNet" to the version: 0.0.359 ?"

So I believe I’m at the latest version.

the server may be on the latest version, that doesn’t mean that the dashboard is also on the latest version

I got it. The new bluish dashboard has arrived after I updated the server from 0.0.345 → 0.0.359

So, I have checked the docs but I couldn’t come upon, how can I determine the version of the dashboard?

You can paste the server url and I can check after that. You don’t see it directly in admin interface.

I handled it with full refreshing the page after adding the relation. :white_check_mark:

thanks a lot.