[SOLVED] BSC/// Website blank

Hi guys… i cant put code in here because new users only 2links allowed…how can i show you html and js? thanks

I don’t understand the question

after deployed successfully…DEX. the testnet website is blank and showing nothing

Hey @ICETEA, you must be having a testnet server and deployed your website (html, csss, js) there, is that what you mean? if so can you layout the steps that you did? give some command line and take a picture of you folder structure will help. Thanks~

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yes i have main and test server and tried both but nothing… ive done evrything like described on youtube and webside… and deployed with moralis-admin-cli deploy

it looks like the files are empty, the files that were uploaded to that server

oh i didnt save first on visual studio code

its working now :slight_smile:

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