[SOLVED] Beginner in Solidity want to know

I try to learn Solidity ton create my own project.I’m already very good in Javascript programming. The mean reason why i want to know more in Solidity is that i want to recovered some ERC20 token accidentally sent to a contract address. The owner of the smart contract told me it’s not possible to get my tokens back. I told to him to add function for that and answered me its not possible. Is there a reason why he cannot add a function to a contract already been deploy and still in use? I dont understand really how it works. Here is the contract address for purpose: 0xf34B1Db61ACa1a371fE97BAd2606c9f534fb9D7D

Maybe some can explain me why he told me its not possible to modify the actual contract. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @Monptidan,

On Ethereum or EVM chains that uses Solidity, smart contracts are by nature immutable and therefore any code that has been deployed to the blockchain will not be able to be modified unless it was designed to use upgradeable proxy (although it still has limitations).

Therefore, what the owner mentioned about not able to change the contract is valid. It is also valid that you cannot get your token back once it’s stolen unfortunately as the ERC20 token code works without the owner controlling it which is a feature of not having third-party within blockchain. The owner might own it, but since he didn’t code the function to modify, it will not possible.

Thank you for having well explain. I need to accept my defeat!

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Hey @Monptidan, so sorry for that :cry:

Hope it would not happen again next time.

Best of luck to you~