[SOLVED] Api key blocked


after stressing the support a bit and having the feeling it does not get to a solution, I decided to get back to the forum to ask for help. I recently played around with fetching transfer events using the web3-api until my api key got blocked (API KEY is currently blocked), noticing this I do not want to use this way of getting the events but rather use the database server approach.
I removed the code for this try and was wondering if there is a way to lift this block as I need access to other endpoints of moralis web3 api for my product.

I already upgraded to Pro months ago.

Thanks for any help. If you need me to provide any examples or a list of endpoints I am using let me know.

Hi @MoonScan, let me know your account email in DMs please, we’ll look into it


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Thank you! I see you’re not blocked anymore in case you were

Thank you, the block seems to be lifted now.

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