[SOLVED] Anyone know if moralis is allows for checking for approvals in the front end

Looking for info on checking approvals. I know this is possible with @openzeppilin package but my understanding is the package meant for (smart contracts) rather - I may be wrong with regard to it only being capable of working with smart contracts and so if I’m kindly correct me and if not then kindly direct me on how to move forward regarding this. Thanks

can you give more info?

what is the information that you know, what you have to check? what is the expected result?

before executing a transaction i want to check if and nft it is approved for my marketplace before acting - don’t want it to interact with the smart contract just to get a revert

https://etherscan.io/tokenapprovalchecker basically what they do here

You can call a read only contract function that checks the approval m, you can use run contract function form the api, or you can use ethers directly.
You will need the abi for that function, the contract address, the function name, the wallet address

okay makes sense. Thanks brother

if it is an erc20 token, then you can use this api