[SOLVED] 525 Origin SSL Handshake Error - 504 Gateway Time-out

Hie, we have a dapp in production, and we acquired a plan with 20,000 req/min, the implementation through nodejs worked fine yesterday but today our server is throwing the next errors:

504 Gateway Time-out
525 Origin SSL Handshake Error

And it didn’t respond anymore, not even at https://<SERVER_KEY>.usemoralis.com:2083/apps/moralisDashboard/browser/_RateLimits. Please help, we are in production.

Ok, it seems that it changed the error for the next one:

ParseError: Too many requests to Web3 API from this particular client, the clients needs to wait before sending more requests. This can be adjusted using Moralis.settings.setAPIRateLimit.

We set a cloud function like this:

And in our code we run like this:


What are we missing?

Hey put the Moralis.settings.setAPIRateLimit outside and not inside another cloud function :raised_hands:

this was solved in this thread: Set request rate limit in Moralis node module

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