Solana SPL Token Introduction Tutorial

This is a thread to discuss the SPL Tokens ( and how to integrate them to a simple Solana DeFi Dashboard dApp ( as we covered on YouTube.

We are here to help! If you have any questions about how to use it or how to set it up you can ask here!

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Hi Yoseph everything is very clear. Just a question: is there a way to show in the dAPP only my own project tokens/NFTs and not everything present in the wallet?

I was thinking about filtering through

  • tokens: token ID
  • NFTs: hash list of all NFTs in my collection.

Thank you in advance, I’m very happy that Moralis can be linked to Solana… I was expecting it a lot!

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Hey @latinwally, thank you for watching :smiley:

Unfortunately we don’t have any right now for those :raised_hands: but for sure we’ll be adding these into the collection of our Solana API

For now, you’ll only be able to do some filtering as what you said there

I’ll let the devs know about this as many other devs totally will need it!