Solana NFT - API & React - Get metadata error "400 bad request"


I found one topic here which seems to have the same issue:

However there was not much information provided and it is not answered yet. So don’t mind me asking the question again.

I was playing around with Solana NFTs, trying to get the meta data from within my React app. I authenticate my user via the Phantom wallet, I can list the user’s NFTs and I can query the NFT metadata. Easily done within one hour having the right tools… :wink:

Though I had an issue with one of my NFTs. When I ask for its metadata the server responds with
{“code”:141,“error”:“Bad Request”}

All other responses return the metadata as expected.

I also tested this in the Admin backend (nft/mainnet/…/metadata).

The API returns a “400 - Bad request” for this single NFT, others working as expected.

All NFT collections I tested are listed on MagicEden. The meta data shows up correctly on ME and Solscan.

I tested some other random collections from ME. Some working, others not.

NOT working
Brown Lab Monke
Womens Pride

Lost Sols

Do you have any idea what could be the issue?

EDIT: I can only post 2 links. So please put the ids from above behind this if you want to see them on ME:

Cheers, Sascha

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