Solana lastest update

What’s the latest word on Solana api update, would really like to use it for marketplace

What are you looking to do? Have you looked at the existing API endpoints? Solana API - Moralis

Yes I have but not much there for a marketplace usage, need mint,buy,sell are main needs. And others, but those three could get me started

for me it sounds like you would need to use a wallet to do that type of transactions

Are you wanting to build a marketplace? Typically you will need to set up contracts and then an app that interacts with those contracts for minting/buying/selling. There’s a few services like Tatum that makes this easier through a JavaScript SDK or an API if that’s what you’re looking for.

Moralis’s API doesn’t have anything for this at the moment, it is mainly for easily getting on-chain data.

Yes I understand the parts that are needed, I will check Tatum…