So since eth is changing from pow to pos

does this mean that effectively all eth nfts are now stake in eth when this happens like is the eth in my smart contract and the meta data of my nft like a bond in the real world acting as a yielding source of data and eth??
asking for economic theory behind my dapp

The change in consensus method from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (Pos) should be completely transparent from the perspective of a smart contract- nothing will change, it won’t “know” the difference. If an NFT produces a yield somehow, then it’s only because it was programmed to do so, not because of the consensus mechanism. The only way to earn yield on ETH natively is by staking it.

The change to PoS however DOES effect the tokenomics. There will be significantly less rewards minted per block and EIP1159 may result in more ETH being burned from transaction fees than the block reward. This would be deflationary, reducing the total amount of ETH in existence.

I suggest checkout out the Bankless podcast on “Ultrasound Money”

They also have another podcast on EIP1159 specifically.


thank you very much, i will definitely check this video out.