So Many Zeros on my metadata

why is there so many zeros?

Also an another question, if i already have my metadata files and nfts how can i just publish them on moralis ipfs?

That is the standard way for saving metadata - as a 64 digit padded hex (to be compliant with the erc1155 standard).

And for uploading metadata - aren’t your files already on ipfs (looking at the screenshot you sent)?

I want to generate my nfts with hashlips nft generator and publish them on moralis ipfs can i do that? Is pinata premium is can be work fast like moralis too?


and i dont want to #10 thing on my trait name. And i want to display my trait value’s not rarity.

in this video this guys metadata url looks clean but mines are not why

You used the uploadFolder ipfs endpoint and he didn’t, that is why the structure of his urls is different