Smartlock website

Hi Dev,
I am blockchain dev I am intending to start a project. I want to build a website where users can lock their token for a period of time they can’t get it untill that timestamp reaches. can someone assist me how to fork “”
I know how to build a website in JavaScript but my challenges is that how do i start because i understand that smar-tlock website is not just a website like WordPress. i will appreciate it if someone guide me through.
I look forward for your response.


Hi, you may need to learn solidity, that lock logic would be written in a smart contract. You could look on how deeplock makes transactions and see what smart contract it uses. In case that the smart contract is validated you would have its source code there directly.

Thanks for your quick response!
I understand solidity… its just that how to start the building of the website is my challenges. is it possible if i use httrack to download deeplock and make some changes to my likes.

it depends on how that site is done, I didn’t look at it, if it is created using react then it would be complicated to edit/modify it

You need to plan your own logic actually.

Clonning the site directly wont help in the long run. Try understand how it works and try lay out your own logic and follow a better plan rather.

Thanks for your quick response!
Kindly help me to check how to go about it. my project will be base on Dex and smart lock website. I have gotten some idea about Dex on Moralis. I watch a video on YouTube and it was amazing . Kindly check these website below they are both look alike. i don’t know which one fork other but they operate identical.

Thanks in adavnce